About Shopnista


About Shopnista


Festive greetings!!

Have you ever visited a village “Haat”(Market) during your childhood days with your Grandparent?

Did you find anything special about that place?

A Haat used to be a place where-

a) There were both retailer & wholesaler selling a range of diverse lifestyle products.

b) There were ample opportunities for new sellers.

c) There was complete freedom to roam the entire haat & then to purchase the desired product after comparing from a range of available options.

d) There was an intense desire to try brand-new products from new sellers at competitive rates.

shopnista.com provides you the same nostalgic experience, where you will revive same childhood flavour of shopping that is continuing and still flourishing since centuries.

Have you heard about a saying that “The only way of discovering the limits of the possible is to venture a little way past them into the impossible”. This has been done by Phalin Impex private limited by giving birth to shopnista.com.

Proudly presenting shopnista.com, which is a market place for Retailer, Wholesaler & Emerging brands under the same umbrella.



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